Friday, August 20, 2010

How to calculate GPA???!??!?!?

Hey, my school uses the English system but i still need to know what my GPA is. I have no idea how to calculate this using my grades, i tried some sites but they were a bit confusing.

can anyone tell me how?

If it helps, My A-Level grades are:

A (with full marks)

C (mid range)

C (high range)

D (high range)How to calculate GPA???!??!?!?
For Example.. You have 6 classes, and you got 3 A's, 2 B's and 1 C






Add it up.. 3 A's is 12, 2 B's is 8 and 1 C is 2. = 22

Divide 22 by 6, and you'll have a GPA of 3.67..

The reason you divide it by 6 is because you have 6 classes. So do that for your grades, and you'll come up with a GPA. GLHow to calculate GPA???!??!?!?
a= 4.0

b= 3.0





9/4 ( the four grades = 2.25 or a mid level C average.

for a more accurate GPA I need more accurate grades.
This is what i used. its very helpful and self explanatory

and yes you need to calculate your O-Levels too
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  • Does anyone have tips on how to make the Ganzfeld procedure work better?

    I tried lying on my bed with windows closed, duct tape over my eyes and static playing on the radio to drown out noise. I think it didn't work for a number of reasons:

    1. There was a slight amount of music in the background behind the static

    2. The tape would sometimes come away revealing small amounts of light to get in.

    3. Some arrogant moron began thumping out one of those songs where you can only feel and hear the bass notes about half way through!

    How to make your Science teacher to notice you?

    There's this trip that I'm really passionate about, and I really want to go.

    However, only one person is allowed to go, and I want to make a good reputation for myself by next year (when the person is chosen).

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanceHow to make your Science teacher to notice you?
    How could that be more obvious? Do a superb job learning the science! You might try to emphasize whatever the trip is to be about. Imagine the teacher's selection thought process. The more obvious it is that you are the best choice for the trip, the greater your chances of selection.How to make your Science teacher to notice you?
    Demonstrate that you know and are learning by:

    1. scoring high marks

    2. participating in class--raise your hand, don't wait to be called on.

    3. do any bonus questions offered

    4. asking thoughtful questions about the assigned readings that show you understand the basics and thinking more deeply about the subject than those readings provide

    5. studying about the subject involved in the trip

    This will give you a start.

    How to kill a strong headache when I've tried pills, sleep, coffee and nothing helps?

    You might want to take some of these teas for headaches:

    - peppermint tea

    - chamomile tea

    - lavender tea

    A comprehensive list of teas for headache can be found below:How to kill a strong headache when I've tried pills, sleep, coffee and nothing helps?
    How long have you had it? If it's been days you should see a doctor. Sounds like you might have a migraine. You can try a product called Pentadolex that has a natural ingredient called Butterbur. That really helps me with my migraines. But other answers are correct, headaches can be caused by many different things. Good idea to figure out what caused it so it doesn't happen again.How to kill a strong headache when I've tried pills, sleep, coffee and nothing helps?
    headaches can be caused by tight muscles. if the headache is more at the back of your head, this is most likely the cause. One of the most common muscles for this is the trapezius muscle. a massage to help relief some of the tension may get rid of your headache
    You should drink a lot of water. Lots of times headaches are caused by dehydration. You need to get hydrated so drink lots of water and avoid beverages that have a lot of caffeine like coffee.
    Sometimes headaches can be a sign of your blood pressure being elevated. Try eating a banana and drink plenty of water. You can also try eating a piece of raw garlic, this will bring your pressure down instantly.
    I guess the only other option is...

    weed!!!! hahaha

    How to fix the power button on a hitachi 52 inch projection tv?

    it turns on then turns right off how do i fix it?How to fix the power button on a hitachi 52 inch projection tv?
    Firstly, hold the Menu and Input for a few seconds. You may need to do a hard reset to clear all settings.

    If this doesn't bring up the analog picture, there can be 2 reasons (components to test %26amp; replace):

    1. Problems with the flyback transformer

    2. Problems with the convergence circuit.

    In most modern-day projection TV's the problem can be rectified by replacing the flyback transformer.

    How to move UNPURCHASED songs from one computer to another using my ipod?

    I use Itunes and have all of my music on my desktop computer. I am now using a laptop and would like for all of my music to be moved to that computer. I was able to move the purchased music, but is there a way to use my ipod to move all of the songs in my music library that were downloaded from my personal CDs?How to move UNPURCHASED songs from one computer to another using my ipod?
    Hi, Apple has step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your iTunes library from one computer to another. I've attached the link for using an iPod to transfer the library, but if your iPod does not have enough free memory, you can do it with a flash drive or external hard drive. Doing it the way Apple recommends is supposed to preserve your play counts, album art, changes you made to the song information and (i think) also playlists.

    I would have copied the instructions here, but the instructions come with pictures that won't show up.

    How To Stream Movies From Ubuntu 9.10 to Xbox 360?

    hey. im pretty new to linux. I know a bit more then the basics. Anyways i just recently got it put on my computer. now i come to the part of figuring out how to watch movies on my xbox 360. I am a totally loss for this at the moment. So Step by Step instructions would be awesome. I need to know What program is best to use for this. I would prefer a simple method of doing this. But if not then whatever works,

    Thanks in AdvanceHow To Stream Movies From Ubuntu 9.10 to Xbox 360?
    If I'm correct, the XBox can see network shares and stream from there.

    Install and configure Samba (the Windows file sharing system for Linux) on your linux box. Place your movies in a Samba shared directory, and point your Xbox to that computer/share.

    Follow the guide in the source link below.
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